The Dark One

The Dark One is an immensely powerful being assumed by the characters of the series to be the oldest and most powerful force of evil in existence. However, rather than simply being malicious, his actions and goals seem to portray him more as a personification of chaos, or the antithesis of the Creator (the personification of order). He may even exist as a necessary byproduct of creation or a balance to the Creator. The Dark One seems only to seek to destroy creation, but his true nature and intention has yet to be fully explained.

His true name is Shai’tan, (pronounced: SHAY-ih-TAN) but speaking that name is believed by most people to bring misfortune on the speaker, so there are many alternative names for him:
■Ba’alzamon (meaning “Heart of the Dark” in the Trolloc language)
■Father of Lies
■Sightblinder (used by the Aiel)
■Lord of the Grave
■Heartfang (used by the wolves)
■Father of Storms (used by the Atha’an Miere)

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When the forces of the Shadow were about to overrun the forces of Light and defeat seemed only months away, Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions decided to execute their dangerous plan to reseal the Bore that allowed the Dark One to touch the earth. They, together with a bodyguard of ten thousand warmen, Traveled to Shayol Ghul to execute their plan, sealing away the Dark One and the thirteen Forsaken.

The Creator

The Creator is the name given to the entity who created the universe, the Wheel of Time and reality itself. It is unclear if The Creator also created the Dark One; it is suggested that The Creator imprisoned the Dark One, its antithesis, at the moment of Creation, indicating the Dark One’s existence may have been an unavoidable consequence of the creation of the universe and possibly a necessity for maintaining a balance between good and evil, order and chaos, light and darkness.

Virtually nothing is known of The Creator. He is not worshiped as a god in the traditional sense, although his name and the term “the Light” appear to be interchangeable. By the Third Age it is common knowledge that The Creator will not directly intervene in the affairs of humankind, dampening to almost nothing the spread of any kind of organized religion, with the strange exception of the Children of the Light.

The Dragon is the title for the champion of the Light against the Dark One. He is reborn in the Age of Legends to combat the Shadow. It is unknown if he is born again in a similar repeating pattern in other Ages. The Dragon of the [History|Age of Legends] was Lews Therin Telamon.


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