Illian is a country that lies in the far south of the Westlands, to the west of Tear whose capital city bears the same name. It is famous for hosting the Great Hunt for the Horn. It is feared by its neighbors Altara and Murandy for swallowing pieces of their countries from time to time.

The city after which the nation is named is one of the largest in Randland and is penetrated by lots of little channels. It also boasts of the great Square of Tammaz where the Hunters of the Horn gather to swear their oaths. Two opposing but similar palaces, one for the king and one for the council may be found adjoining the square. The council’s palace is just a bit smaller.


Illian lies in the south of the Westlands where the Manetherendrelle flows into the Sea of Storms. The city of Illian boasts the largest port in the known world — a giant circular harbor. To the west sprawls forests and olive groves. The far north is quite mountainous, bulwarked by castles and hillforts. To the east is a vast marshland finally opening up to the Plains of Maredo. The city’s immediate surroundings is made up of these swamps and therefore does not need any protecting wall.


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