The First Age

Little is known of this age. Rumors are that mankind traveled to the moon.

The Age of Legends

Under the guidance of the Aes Sedai, both men and women who can channel the One Power, humanity achieves a golden age of peace, prosperity and enlightenment.

Before Breaking (BB)

Little is known about this age. It ends with Lews Therin Telamon, the Dragon, fights the last fight with the dark one, emprissoning him in Shayol Guhl together with the 13 Forsaken.

The breaking of the World

The male Aes Sedai go mad and destroy the world. This takes hundreds of years and is stopped when all male channelers died of insanity or are captured by female Aes Sedai. This is remembered even now, 3000 years later.

After Breaking (AB)

Nations of which the names are long forgotten, come and go until 1000 AB.

Trolloc Wars

Trolloc’s invade the Westlands. Many country’s fall. The War continues for 350 years, the Trollocs are driven back to the blight, leaving the westlands in ru├»ns.

Free Years (FY)

Nations of which the names are long forgotten, come and go. The only famous person known is Arthur Hawkwing, who is able to coquer all of the Westlands and even parts of the Aiel Waste before he dies without an heir. The nations now known are formed. In 1135 FY, it is uncertain if date-keeping has been kept correctly, and it is decided to establish the Farede Calendar, introducing the New Era.

New Era (NE)

Not much happens, some wars are fought, the last one being the Aiel War in 976 which lasted for two years. 90.000 Aiel invaded Cairhien, leaving the country pretty much destroyed. When the king of Cairhien is killed the Aiel withraw back to their waste.

We live in the year 998 NE.


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