The Borderlands are the Westlands nations which lie furthest to the north and directly border the Great Blight.

For 3,000 years the nations of the Borderlands have guarded the Westlands against Shadowspawn from the Blight. The culture of the Borderlands is the most martial of all Westlands and many of the best soldiers hail from the Borderlands. Because of the Borderlands’ close proximity to the Great Blight and Shayol Ghul, Aes Sedai are highly respected and revered.

In the Borderlands, all men carry swords at all times in case of attack. Due to the constant threat, no country in the Borderlands has a distinct elite military formation.

Although their primary war is with the Blight, the Borderlanders also respect but have enmity with the Aiel, mainly due to the Aiel raids on Shienar through the Niamh Passes which distract Shienar from the threat of the Shadow.

The borderlands countries are Arafel, Kandor, Saldaea and Shienar.



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