The Great Blight is rotten and bare land, created by the influence of the Dark One over the world. All the earth has turned to dust and very few flora lives here. It is a very dry land, as no lakes have been reported by survivors of this place. This makes it very unhabitable for people. It is also has several mountains. They are very high and few people, if any, ever climb them.


The Great Blight lies north of the Westlands, the Aiel Waste and Shara. The Mountains of Dhoom seperate the Westlands from it. The Aiel Waste just flows over to the Blight, but Shadowspawn will rarely enter the Waste. It is unknown if there are mountains seperating Shara from the Blight, due to the secretive nature of this nation.


The Great Blight is created by the Dark One. His influence over the land surrounding Shayol Ghul kills almost every form of life.



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