Altara is a country located in the south-central part of the Westlands.

The sign of Altara is two golden leopards on a field checked four-by-four in red and blue.


The River Eldar forms its western border with Amadicia, and is adjacent to Illian in the east.


The ruling body of Altara is a monarch, with the seat of power called the Throne of the Winds. The throne is currently held by Beslan Mitsobar. The throne is located in the Tarasin Palace in the capital, Ebou Dar. Shortly before Beslan became king, Ebou Dar and the southern part of Altara were conquered by the Seanchan. They allowed the then-current queen, Beslan’s mother Tylin, to remain on the Throne of the Winds. However, Tylin was killed by a gholam.



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