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  • Mythology

    h2. The Dark One The Dark One is an immensely powerful being assumed by the characters of the series to be the oldest and most powerful force of evil in existence. However, rather than simply being malicious, his actions and goals seem to portray him …

  • Bore

    In the Age of Legends, Aes Sedai researchers discovered a region of the Pattern with what appeared to be an undivided source of the One Power separate from the True Source. Initial research suggested that this energy could be used by either gender without …

  • Forsaken

    h1. Forsaken The Forsaken were channelers who served the side of the Shadow in the War of Power. They were known to followers of the Shadow as "Those Chosen To Rule The World Forever," or simply the Chosen. As time passed, The Forsaken came to mean the …

  • saidin

    De mannelijke helft van de Ene Kracht. Door de smet die de duistere op Saidin heeft geworpen tijdens zijn laatste opsluiting, worden alle mannen die de Kracht gebruiken knetter koekwous. De vrouwelijke helft heet [[saidar]]