Shadowspawn is the generic term for creatures of the Dark One.

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Trollocs have the body of a man and the head and feet of an animal such as a bear, bird, wolf or goat. Trollocs are quite large, generally around eight feet tall.

Trollocs can see well in the dark, but bright light will blind them temporarily. Some may track by scent or sound, but they are lazy and easily give up unless driven to pursue their prey. Trollocs kill for the sheer pleasure of killing.

While their great strength and size make them powerful troopers, they are useless as soldiers due to their bloodlust and inability to follow orders. Only the males fight, with the females doing little but serving as breeding machines.

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Myrddraal, also known by many other names including Fades, Lurks, the Eyeless, Halfmen and more, are man-sized and pasty white with no eyes, yet they see like eagles by night and day.

Halfmen appear as misty blurs in a mirror, and their dead black cloaks are not touched by even the strongest wind.

Myrddraal are no match for an Aes Sedai, but they can best most warriors in melee combat. When finally killed, they seem to “refuse to die” for a long time, thrashing about until sunset — even when beheaded. Thus, even a Myrddraal’s dead body, if armed, is deadly. Their blood is corrosive, and must be cleaned off of weapons or armor soon after exposure, to avoid pitting and corruption.

Trollocs are terrified of Myrddraal and will obey them under almost any circumstances. The only time a Trolloc will disobey is when it is ordered to face something that terrifies it more deeply than the Myrddraal.


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