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  • Serpentine Sword

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/182027/serpetine-sword.jpg(Serpetine sword)! When wielded you can hear the snakes hissing. Used by [[Saldaea]] soldiers.

  • Saldaea

    Saldaea is a country in the [[Westlands]]. The sign of Saldaea is three silver fish on a field of dark blue. Saldaeans have bold, prominent noses and slightly upturned, almond-shaped eyes. While as ferocious in battle as any of the [[Borderlands| …

  • Maradon

    h3. Description *Maradon* is the [[Saldaea|Saldaean]] capital. It is situated along the [[Arinelle River]]. It sits on the former site of Deranbar, the capital of Jaramide, one of the Ten Nations. It is said that there are towers in Maradon from the …

  • Arinelle River

    h3. Description The River Arinelle is one of the largest and most important rivers of the [[Westlands]]. It rises in the [[Mountains of Dhoom]] and flows south through the [[Blight]] and into [[Saldaea]]. By the time the river reaches the capital at [[ …

  • Plain of Lances

    h3. Description The Plain of Lances is a large plain located to the south of the [[Blight]] and spans the borders of [[Saldaea]] and [[Kandor]]. The two countries use the plain for military exercises.

  • Kayacun

    h3. Description Kayacun is a town in [[Saldaea]]. Many people go to this town in summer to party. As such it has many inn's, hostels and bars. The [[Banikhan Mountains]] are close (10 miles) to this town.

  • World's End

    World's End is the name given to the extremely remote, far north-western coast of the [[Westlands]]. Comprising the western coastline of [[Saldaea]], this area to the south of the [[Blight|Great Blight]] consists of rocky, sheer cliffs that plunge into …

  • Banikhan Mountains

    The Banikhan Mountains are a range of peaks in [[Saldaea]] lying close to [[World's End]]. They are also known as the Sea Wall. [[Ice peppers]] grown on the landward slopes of the mountains, and gemstones are mined from some the peaks as well. The town of …


    Known throughout the city as "Brother Bert's", this multi-storey building is made up of three houses knocked together to make one. It is on the small road known by suiddockers as the Stink Water. St Rutha's orphanage looks after waifs who lack parents or …


    Tarnopol's clock tower is a weird folly within sight of both Suiddock and Martkwartier. It stands 50 feet tall, but the bulk of the uppermost storey is crumbling and unsafe, with gaping cracks in the walls. The metal struts and girders supporting the …


    At the end of a narrow alley off the street that runs behind the warehouses is a large but unobtrusive hostelry called the Pelican's Perch. Every true Suiddocker knows where it is, and it is a favourite watering-hole for stevedores, rivermen and dubious …

  • Ellian the Old

    This old farmer has a farm down the Old King's Road near [[Winterhaven]]. He settled back there long ago to live in peace, far away from wars.

  • Bayle Domon

    h2. Appearance He is broad and muscular, has a long beard that leaves his upper lip bare in the [[Illian]] fashion, and speaks with an Illianer accent.